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Promoting, protecting and registering the Lipizzaner horses in Great Britain since its foundation in 1982



LSGB President

We are proud to have as our President Hofrat Univ. Doz. Dr. Jaromir Ouleha,

Former Director of The Spanish Riding School of Vienna

and The Austrian State Stud at Piber.



LSGB Chair: Una Harley



Una Harley


Although most well known for their amazing ability in performing the airs above the ground and the true classical dressage by the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, they were also the Royal carriage horses.

Because of the strict selective breeding over the centuries, these unique horses are one of the most useful all round performance horses in the World. They have excellent bone and hooves, very rarely having leg or foot problems. They are highly intelligent with a genuinely kind temperament. They are long living, often able and willing to work in their late 20s or even 30!

Throughout the World today, Lipizzaners are very successfully being used for dressage, trials driving, endurance, le trek, combined training and more!

For more information on the Lipizzaner please read The Lipizzaner published by Allens and see the DVD The White Horses of Lipizza by TR Films. Both of these can be purchased from the LSGB Shop.


In 2005 we did experimental AI with two stallions from The Austrian State Stud at Piber.

We covered two of our most prolific Piber brood mares with Siglavy Dagmar and Pluto Servola.

We have two stunning true baroque type filiesy by Pluto Servola out of Oriana (Neapolitano Fantasia-69/ Musica-56).

Registration & Passports

All pure-bred & part-bred Lipizzaners from any country of origin are registerable with the LSGB.

To date, the LSGB has registered over 250 pure and part-bred Lipizzaners in the UK from many countries in Europe and the USA. As well as issuing passports, we also do any updates necessary on passports - such as change of ownership, change of name/address of owner, replacement & duplicate passports etc. As well as Lipizzaners, we also deal with passports for Kladrub and Nonius breeds.

Since 1st February 2014, it is a legal requirement for all changes - eg. birth, death, change of ownership etc., must be notified to the Society within 30 days of the occurrence. Failure to comply with these and existing rules, could result in a fine by Trading Standards of up to £5,000. For further details of this please contact the LSGB office. It has also been a legal requirement since June 2009 that all horses must have a microchip, and the number and position entered into the passport.

Click here to view our complete Horse Passports document.

For full details of legal requirements regarding horse passports in the UK please visit the DEFRA Website

There is also a link directly to DEFRA on our Links page

The LSGB has a stand at many equine fairs and events throughout the UK.

Registered Office:
Starrock Stud
Leopards' Lair
Bish Mill
Devon EX36 4EH

Tel: 01769 551773      E-mail:  lsgb@lipizzaner.co.uk

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